Character Profiles
Joe Quinn

Joe is tough, intelligent and has a curiosity that has made him a top notch investigator.  He was born to wealth and his upbringing was completely different from Eve’s.  He went to Harvard Law school and then decided to pitch a career in politics and joined the Navy SEALs.  After he left the military he became an agent for the FBI.  He was assigned the Bonnie Duncan case and it was the turning point in his life.  He met Eve, fell in love, and became involved in both her tragedy and her search for her daughter.  Their relationship is one of passion and intensity—a true love story in every sense.

Joe left the FBI and became a Detective with the Atlanta Police Department and the job suits him just fine.  He can stay close to Eve and still have a career that challenges him.  Their relationship has moments of turbulence and strain because of Eve’s obsession and the danger to which it exposes her.  Joe has also had his own challenges to overcome—he can be steady, reckless, exciting, and cool, but he is always a man you have to consider in any equation or situation.

Blind Alley
Body of Lies
The Killing Game
Shadow Play
Hide Away
Night And Day
Shattered Mirror
Dark Tribute
The Persuasion
The Bullet
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