Character Profiles
Eve Duncan
Eve is a survivor who has lived a hard life but managed to succeed against unthinkable odds.  She is real, intelligent, loving, and still tortured by the kidnapping and murder of her seven year old child, Bonnie.  Eve was illegitimate, raised in the slums of Atlanta with a mother on drugs and a burning desire to rise above it all. But at sixteen, like her mother, she gave birth to an ill...
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Joe Quinn
Joe is tough, intelligent and has a curiosity that has made him a top notch investigator.  He was born to wealth and his upbringing was completely different from Eve’s.  He went to Harvard Law school and then decided to pitch a career in politics and joined the Navy SEALs.  After he left the military he became an agent for the FBI.  He was assigned the Bonnie Duncan case ...
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Jane MacGuire
Jane is Eve’s and Joe’s adoptive daughter and like Eve she has experienced much turmoil in her past.  Eve rescued her when she was a tough street kid who reminded her of herself at that age.  Jane and Eve have always had a very special bond, more friends than mother and daughter, and Jane is devoted to both Joe and Eve.   Because she spent her early years in several...
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Kendra Michaels
Catherine Ling
Margaret Douglas
Cara Delaney
Seth Caleb
Alisa Flynn
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