Winter Bride
February 1992
February 1992
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Jed Corbin slipped inside the island castle by night, determined to solve the mystery of the woman who'd won the prize that should have been his. But he never expected to tumble a captive princess to the floor, nor to feel an astonishing, furious desire for this voluptuous wildcat clothed in ermine and velvet! Ysabel Belfort had had her own desperate reasons for agreeing to become one man's fantasy, but now she was free of his prison, and prepared to trade everything she'd won for what she must have--Jed's help in returning to her home of San Miguel, to recover what she'd been forced to leave behind. Jed felt a savage pleasure in arousing Ysabel and commanding her surrender, but he was stunned to find the true conquest was hers. Engulfed in a whirlwind of danger and desire, helpless to resist the primitive demands of their hearts and bodies, Jed and Ysabel fought each other and a shadowy, evil for the victory they sought--but if they lived, could they cherish each other for always?osmrtnicama ljubuški umrli ljubuški livno umrli osmrtnice grude smrtovnice sarajevo osmrtnice smrtovnice osmrtnicama smrtovnice sarajevo smrtovnice visoko smrtovnice tuzla lektire lektira jastuci madraci cvijeće horoscope umrli vicevi sanovnik horoskop knjige recepti kalkulator cosmetics beauty