The Spellbinder
November 1987
November 1987
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Brody Devlin had a notorious temper, a mesmerizing voice, and a presence so powerful he could hypnotize any audience into believing he was a king, a god, or the devil himself. But the man behind the jaded facade was what intrigued Sacha Lorion, made her try to persuade him they were related so he'd let her into his life. Amused against his will by the bony-haired gypsy sprite, Brody decided not to send her away -- at least not until he'd proven her claim wrong and taken the enchanting witch to his bed. But when a sniper's bullet revealed a danger from Sacha's hidden past, Brody exploded with a surprising gallantry, declaring himself her protector -- even if every bone in his body told him that she must belong to him body and soul, or he would go mad! Living in his spotlight was risky, Sacha knew -- but loving this man was the only future she wanted... enough to sacrifice her happiness for his. Could Brody make her see that what she'd begged for was hers for all the years to come?osmrtnicama ljubuški umrli ljubuški livno umrli osmrtnice grude smrtovnice sarajevo osmrtnice smrtovnice osmrtnicama smrtovnice sarajevo smrtovnice visoko smrtovnice tuzla lektire lektira jastuci madraci cvijeće horoscope umrli vicevi sanovnik horoskop knjige recepti kalkulator cosmetics beauty