The Forever Dream
December 1985
December 1985
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HE PROMISES NOTHING LESS THAN LOVE WITHOUT END. Exquisite, radiant Tania Orlinov -- incomparable prima ballerina, renowned Soviet defector, she expresses the dreams of love only dance can reveal...but seeks none of them for herself. Brilliant, mysterious Jared Ryker -- an uncommon man with extraordinary vision, a gifted genetic scientist, he holds the key to an astonishing secret...and years to share it with one special woman. She has become his obsession. He longs to possess her with an enduring passion that time can never destroy. But when she is brought to him against her will by those who covet his secret, Jared is torn by need...and seduced by her beauty. Inevitably, desire flames between them -- stunning them both with its depth and intensity. But their private fantasy is shattered -- by men determined to seize Jared's research and control its power. Until, in a fierce confrontation T-shirt Customization set against a windswept mountain splendor, Jared and Tania must fight for their lives...and for their freedom to build a future in each other's arms.