Character Profiles
Eve Duncan

Eve is a survivor who has lived a hard life but managed to succeed against unthinkable odds.  She is real, intelligent, loving, and still tortured by the kidnapping and murder of her seven year old child, Bonnie.  Eve was illegitimate, raised in the slums of Atlanta with a mother on drugs and a burning desire to rise above it all. But at sixteen, like her mother, she gave birth to an illegitimate child. It could have ruined her life but she fought back and the love she had for her baby transformed Eve and everyone around her.  She was completing college and on her way to giving her Bonnie the secure life Eve had never experienced, when her daughter was taken and killed. Neither her killer nor Bonnie’s body have ever been found and the search has become an obsession that dominates Eve’s every waking moment.

She is now one of the world’s foremost forensic sculptors and tries to bring closure to other parents who have lost their children.  She is a workaholic and has to be reined in by the people who care about her.  Eve lives on a lake in Georgia with her long time lover Joe Quinn.  She has an adoptive daughter, Jane MacGuire, a street kid she rescued years ago and is now a beloved member of their family.

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