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Til the End of Time
January 1987  | 

Risking his fife to save the stunning American woman from certain death. Sandor Karpathan felt his rebel's heart fill with fierce desire, and he knew no power on earth could stop him from possessing her! Alessandra Ballard was dizzyingly beautiful, but it was her courage --and a will as strong as Sandor's--that bound her to this defiant man of honor. Thrown together in the heat of revolution, they made a reckless escape, only to be captured by the astonishing power of their desire. It was a time of heroes, and no time to fall in love, yet destiny had designs on both their hearts--if only they dared to seize the dream that beckoned...

Last Bridge Home
April 1987  | 

A young widow befriends a mysterious stranger, only to find herself drawn irrevocably into a strange world of fear and fascination, where she is unable to tell friend from foe, lover from enemy.

Across the River of Yesterday
May 1987  | 

From the moment he saw seductive, violet-eyed Serena Spaulding, Gideon Brandt was imprisoned by the reckless longings of his heart. But Serena escaped from his arms, and he couldn't find her again until years later. And then his overwhelming need to possess her placed them both in grave danger in savage, sun-kissed Castellano. Gideon's sizzling touch exposed Serena's secret yearnings and made her cling to his strength, teaching her that destiny had meant them to be together. She blossomed under the blazing intensity of his passion, but her own obsession for the man she could never resist would test her pride -- and her love. Swept up in a revolution that risked both their lives, could Gideon and Serena survive?

Matilda, The Adventuress
August 1987  | 

Matilda Delany, nicknamed Manda, felt the black flame opal calling to her from the abandoned mines on Deadman's Ridge, and she knew the missing jewel was the treasure she must find. She was always in search of the great adventure that was her destiny - and when film director Roman Gallagher barely missed her with his Jeep, she knew that lightning had struck! His suspicious nature did nothing to discourage Manda's exultation at meeting the brilliant, cynical man with the devil's temper.Losing himself in Manda’s silken hair and the reckless promise of her lips, Roman felt a primitive jealousy of any man who's known her before, and swore to make her forget. But his dark, tormented soul refused to accept the love she vowed. Could she persuade him that her siren's song was only for his ears?

The Spellbinder
November 1987  | 

Brody Devlin had a notorious temper, a mesmerizing voice, and a presence so powerful he could hypnotize any audience into believing he was a king, a god, or the devil himself. But the man behind the jaded facade was what intrigued Sacha Lorion, made her try to persuade him they were related so he'd let her into his life. Amused against his will by the bony-haired gypsy sprite, Brody decided not to send her away -- at least not until he'd proven her claim wrong and taken the enchanting witch to his bed. But when a sniper's bullet revealed a danger from Sacha's hidden past, Brody exploded with a surprising gallantry, declaring himself her protector -- even if every bone in his body told him that she must belong to him body and soul, or he would go mad! Living in his spotlight was risky, Sach [...] Read More

This Fierce Splendor
January 1988  | 

Starlight, Starbright
January 1988  | 

When the golden haired rogue in the black leather jacket dodged a barrage of bullets to rescue her, Quenby Swenson thrilled... with fear and with excitement. Gunner Nilsen had risked his life to save her, but when he promised to cherish her for a lifetime she refused to believe him. And yet she knew somehow he'd never lie to her, never hurt her, never leave her -- even though she hardly knew him at all. He shattered her serenity, rippled her waters, vowing to play her body like the strings of a harp... until he'd learned all the melodies inside her. Quenby felt her heart swell with yearning for the dreams Gunner wove with words and caresses. Did she dare surrender to this mysterious man of danger, the untamed lover who promised her their souls were entwined for all time?

Wild Silver
April 1988  | 

Man From Half Moon Bay
May 1988  | 

Surprise. Panic. Then desire like an electric shock filled Sara O'Rourke when she saw Jordan Bandor across the crowded room. For eighteen months she'd lived free of the man from the harsh, unforgiving Australian outback who'd swept her off her feet, then wrapped her in a seductive web of sensual pleasure that left no room for work or friends. The walls she'd built against his obsession were strong, but he'd never tried to scale them... until now. The pain of losing her had taught Jordan that letting go was his only chance of holding on to Sara, even if he still hated to see her smile at anyone but him. But persuading her he'd changed, that he needed her help, was the toughest challenge he'd ever face...especially now that her life was in danger, and he'd do anything to keep her safe... eve [...] Read More

Blue Skies and Shining Promises
August 1988  | 

When she slipped into Cameron Bandor's hotel suite disguised in veil and harem costume, Damita Shaughnessy was determined to force the powerful executive to help her find her mother Lola Torres, who the world knew only as a glamorous sex goddess. But the bronzed panther Damita surprised in the darkness was not at all what she expected. He made her breathless, his eyes gleamed with steamy sensuality and a touch of mischief, and his lips taught her what no man ever had -- that she was a woman of flesh and desire. Cam's mouth burned her, his fingers caressed the warm satin of her skin, and Damita had no choice but to follow him -- deep into the Arabian desert, and finally to the wild outback he called home. When a desperate revenge endangered the woman he loved, Cam grew as ruthless and bruta [...] Read More

Strong, Hot Winds
September 1988  | 

Sheikh Damon El Karim had kidnapped her son Michael and taken him to Kasmara! Cory Brandel was filled with fury at his betrayal -- and shattered by guilt. She'd kept the child a secret from his father when her passionate affair with Damon had ended four years earlier, and now he had sworn revenge. He'd vowed to punish Cory for depriving him of his son, his heir, but could he really mean to imprison her in his palace and refuse to let her see Michael unless she surrendered to him? It was barbaric, savage, unthinkable -- and Cory had no choice but to go. Time had deepened the shocking heat of her attraction to this desert pirate, and Cory knew he had only to stroke her body and she would go up in flames. Damon had intended to bind her to him by force, in anger, but instead he was bewildered [...] Read More

Satin Ice
October 1988  | 

Magnificent Folly
July 1989  | 

After a tragic turn of events, Lily Deslin learned the hard way that people are not always what they seem. Now she’s rebuilt her life from scratch, returning to school and nurturing her beloved and talented daughter, Cassie. What she doesn’t know is that her quiet but satisfying life is about to change. At the beach cottage she’s rented for a well-earned vacation, Lily is being watched.Andrew Ramsey has been waiting for years, and now is the moment to make himself known. If he confesses the truth—a truth that will be all but impossible for Lily to believe—it will shake the foundations of her life and Cassie’s. As Andrew and Lily’s relationship heats up and danger threatens close at hand, how can Andrew admit that he’s been keeping from Lily an even bigger secret—a secret he must reveal to [...] Read More

Wicked Jake Darcy
November 1989  | 

Women called Jake Darcy mad, bad, and dangerous to know, but Mary Harland insisted rakes were a thing of the past...yet wondered if the stories could possibly be true. She felt too innocent to enchant such a wanton man, but when Jake swept her into his arms and onto the dance floor she shivered in sensual delight as destiny joined them heart to heart! Jake was temptation in the flesh--and she was powerless to resist the desire he aroused. Her promised she'd never escape his passionate obsession, but even Jake could not protect her from dark forces who plotted against them.

January 1990  | 

Beautiful actress Mallory Thane endured the harsh, unforgiving glare of publicity during the trial in which she stood accused of murdering her husband. But even the acquittal that set her free couldn't ease the heartache of her ordeal. Desperate to get back her life, her career, and her sanity, she accepts a new movie deal on an island paradise -- only to realize that she has walked into a trap. Her captor is power player Sabin Wyatt, a dark, enigmatic man who still holds Mallory responsible for his brother Ben's death. But at the root of his scheme is his obsessive need to possess the woman who haunts his dreams, no matter what truth she's hiding.

One Touch of Topaz
June 1990  | 

Samantha Barton survived imprisonment on the war-torn island of St. Pierre. Her family wasn’t so lucky. Now, in her new identity as the tough-as-nails revolutionary code-named Topaz, she enlists the aid of an enigmatic industrialist, Fletcher Bronson, on a risky mission to rescue some stranded refugees. Trapped behind enemy lines with a man she both fears and desires, Samantha finds herself irresistibly drawn by his promise of a new life away from the hail of gunfire. For Fletcher, Samantha is more than just an intriguing new lover. She’s an object he must possess and protect at all costs. Opening his heart to her was never part of the bargain. But when new developments from Samantha’s past life threaten to disturb his careful plans for their future, Fletcher must come to terms with the ch [...] Read More

Tender Savage
September 1990  | 

Ricardo Lazaro, legendary poet-warrior and rebel leader of Saint Pierre, had been captured saving her brother, and Lara Clavel had come to the Caribbean island ready to risk her life to free him. She knew the rescue plan would work only if she persuaded his jailer that the powerful freedom fighter had fallen in love with her...but once she faced the daring man of danger in his cramped cell she felt a savage desire to be possessed, to be bound to him in every way a man and woman could be! Ricardo was desperate to spare this golden angel any pain her brave act might cost, but he was wild with desire - and trapped by circumstance into taking all she offered. Only his strength had kept him alive through years of war...until Lara's sweet fire made him remember what the struggle had taken away. [...] Read More

An Unexpected Song
December 1990  | 

Taking the stage that evening, Daisy Justine had no idea that she was auditioning for her life. Watching from the darkness beyond the footlights was the world-famous composer Jason Hayes. The reclusive genius was seeking a new star to play the tragic heroine in his latest work, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello.From the moment he heard her sing, Jason knew he’d found the star he’d been searching for his whole life. But coaxing her from Geneva to the bright lights of Broadway wasn’t going to be easy. For she’d made a promise to another man that she couldn’t break–nor disclose to anyone, not even Jason.Jason has only two weeks to change Daisy’s mind. But the closer he gets to her, the closer danger comes. For there’s more than just artistic temperament behind Jason’s legendary seclusion [...] Read More

The Wind Dancer
February 1991  | 

Johansen ( Strong, Hot Windsone title/pk ) gets her new trilogy off to a promising start with a lively and imaginative blend of romance and adventure set in early-16th-century Italy. A small gold statue of the winged horse Pegasus that, as legend has it, was given to Lionello Andreas's family at the fall of Troy has been stolen by Lion's enemy, Francisco Damari. The rightful owner intends to steal it back. A contact alerts him to an accomplished pickpocket whose loyalty and skills can be bought: 16-year-old Sanchia, a slave owned by a local printer. Lion acquires the girl, intending to exploit her talents to recover the statue and then retire her to a life of comfort. But the plan goes awry, and and by the time Sanchia falls into the hands of the brutal Damari, Lion has already begun to wo [...] Read More

Storm Winds
June 1991  | 

In the second part of her trilogy (which began with The Wind Dancer ) following the fortunes of the Andreas and Vasaro families, Johansen serves up a diverting romance and plot twists worthy of a mystery novel. Convent students Juliette de Clement and Catherine Vasaro feel isolated from the horrors of France's Reign of Terror until the night revolutionaries attack their "aristocratic" establishment, massacring nuns and students alike. The young women escape, but not unscathed: Catherine is raped, and Juliette murders one of Catherine's attackers. An enigmatic revolutionary named Francois Etchelet delivers the two young women to the Paris home of Catherine's cousin Jean Marc Andreas. Juliette, wanted for murder, barters for Jean Marc's protection: she will use her connections at court to he [...] Read More

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