Four Legged Friends

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Anyone who reads my books knows that I'm an animal lover aaa grade fake watches for canada. Here are some of my friends and companions online canada replica watches for males and females!

Sophie & Daisy

Two boisterous Golden Retrievers. They're a few years old now, but they have the energy and spirit of little puppies. Here they jostle for one of their favorite toys.

Zoey & Lexi

Meet some newer additions to our family! Zoey, my daughter and son-in-law's Golden Retriever is on the left, and my Golden Retriever Lexi is on the right right. Aren't they beautiful?

Zoey & Lexi

Here they are performing their favorite balcony scene.


Sophie appears to be thirsty

Sophie, Daisy & Lexi

Sophie, Daisy and Lexi wage an epic battle to determine who is the true Lord of the Rings.


Jerry the Pug is a frequent guest from my son's home in California. Can you tell which is real and which is a statue?


Jerry demonstrates his techniques for fighting California wildfires.


Here is Molly, a lovable mutt who showed up one day and never left.